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Table of contents


Table of contents  5

List of figures  7

List of tables  9

I.     Introduction   11

II.     Requirements  12

III.     Background of the boundary element method   13

IV.     Nomenclature  14

V.     Key terminology   15

VI.     Mathematical foundation of the boundary element method   19

Principle of the indirect boundary element method   22

Discretisation of the surface domain   24

Integrating a boundary element  26

Quadrilateral elements  26

Triangular elements  28

Source definition and location   29

Data recovery parameters  30

The solution method for a matrix problem    33



VII.     Input file definition   33

VIII.     Output file definition   35

IX.     Program overview     36

SonitusBE.cpp   36

X.     Subroutine functions  37

ErrorHandle.h (COMPLETE)  37

Interp.h (COMPLETE)  37

Messages.h (COMPLETE)  39

SolutionChoice.h (COMPLETE)  39

Verification.h (COMPLETE)  40

Structures.h (COMPLETE)  40

FileReaderSonitus.h (COMPLETE)  41

Resultoutput.h (COMPLETE)  42

complex.h (COMPLETE)  43

IndirectSolver.h (COMPLETE)  43

Makefile (COMPLETE)  45


Gaussjc.h (COMPLETE)  46

XI.     Sample files  46

Solid geometry   47

Infinite plane surface  47

Data recovery mesh (exterior)  48

Data recovery mesh (interior)  48

Free-field solution   49

Sound pressure in a domain with a solid geometry   51

Sound pressure inside an enclosure with damping material included on one surface  51

XII.     Notes  51

Exterior and interior domains  51

Element types  52

Sound sources  52

Infinite ground plane  52

XIII.     Input file types - DAT  52

XIV.     Debug requirements  52

XV.     Summary   52

XVI.     References  54


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