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Introduction and initial disclaimer.

It is understood that the use of this website constitutes a full acceptance of the terms and conditions applying to fair use of promotional material. If you do not accept the conditions, we ask you leave the website.

All material uploaded to this website is the intellectual property of this company through the owner Dr Dan J. O'Boy, who applies the following property rights.

It is understood that you may view and through a computer connection, download text and images, for your own personal use. This includes the caching of information on a physical storage media.

It is understood that you must not copy and subsequently publish material from this website onto another website. You are not allowed to distribute this information for personal gain, through sale or renting material. No material from this website may be modified or distributed for public consumption, including marketing or promotion, without the express written permission of the company directors.

Use of the website.

The website is explicitly for use as a promotional tool for the company. The information on this website should be correct, however, we cannot commit to the accuracy of any information. No commitment is given or implied that this website will be updated regularly.

All views expressed are the personal opinion of the author, no official connection to any organisation is implied.

The maximum extent of the applicable laws are still in use. The following terms do not negate the application of these laws. No liability can be accepted for any damage or loss caused through the use of the information on this website, of any nature. The materials are provided free of charge and as a company, we cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage, not limited to gain or loss of contracts, business, data, information, financial or profits.

Legal court this agreement applies through.

These terms and conditions are applied through and in accordance with English law and any disputes will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales of the United Kingdom.

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